Coding Bytes TwinCAT 3

Coding Bytes is a channel which allows the team members at Beckhoff Australia to share helpful videos. These videos are primarily based on our replies to support questions. 

This is not official Beckhoff information, training or code and must not be treated as such.

The Visitor Design Pattern
The Visitor Design Pattern

Continuing with the OOP theme, in this video we discuss one of the most versatile design patters. The Visitor Pattern. This is the perfect way to prevent your objects from doing too much!

REST API Access in TwinCAT. Part 2

In this Coding Bytes we finalize working with GET by creating a mock server on Postman. We cover using PUT and POST, then finish by creating our own REST server in node.js using ChatGPT.

REST API Access in TwinCAT. Part 1

In this Coding Bytes we explore the Infosys example of HTTP GET and confirm our findings with Postman. In the next set of videos we will explore PUT, POST and Mock API Servers.

TwinCAT Resources Repo
TwinCAT Resources Repo

Just a short video to speak about the new TwinCAT Resources Repo. Keen to hear from you with more link suggestions.

PS5 DualSense in TwinCAT
PS5 DualSense in TwinCAT - Part 1

First introduction to the PS5 controller in TwinCAT. In this video we look at all of the features available. Buttons, Gyros, Accelerometers, Lights and Feedback. It's great!

PS5 DualSense in TwinCAT - Part 2
PS5 DualSense in TwinCAT - Part 2

We take a look through the TwinCAT side of the PS5 controller project. This includes Project Generator, TwinCAT Scope, TwinCAT Scope Hmi, Model Viewer and more...

Learn Tc/BSD TF2000 Install
Learn Tc/BSD by installing TF2000

In this video I take you through the common steps of installing a package, show you how to edit your rc.conf file, show you the current problem with the beta and provide other hints and tips along the way.

TwinCAT BSD in VirtualBox
TwinCAT BSD in VirtualBox

Two methods to install and start TwinCAT BSD in a virtual machine. One much better than the other!

OOP Introduction - Part 1
OOP Introduction - Part 1

A quick dive in to the world of OOP and Structured Text in TwinCAT 3

OOP Introduction - Part 2
OOP Introduction - Part 2

Extending in to a worked example of OOP. Keeping things dynamic!

OOP Design Ideas Linking To HMI
One method to link a HMI structure to an OOP style program

In this video we discuss a way to link a HMI structure to an OOP based program using interfaces. This is a basic example which you can expand upon. As with these videos, these are just open examples and should be treated more of a thought experiment.

OOP - Remapping I/O at runtime
Remapping IO during Runtime

In this video we investigate dependency inversion to allow inputs / outputs to be reassigned at runtime. Unfortunately we lost the audio channel from Saaj during the recording so he will feature on our next videos.

Using structures to map whole device PDOs
Using structures to map whole device PDOs

I show a quick shortcut with mapping entire devices PDOs using a structure which can then be customised.

Using a Danfoss Drive without NC
Basic example of using a drive without NC (Danfoss)

Sometimes you want to control a drive at a more basic level. In this video we talk through using the drives control words a state.

Setup an EK9500
EK9500 - Ethernet/IP - Basic configuration

We take a look at the configuration steps needed to use an EK9500 bus coupler.

Reading I/O in Excel using ADS

ADS via Excel VBA (Input reading)

A short example of accessing TwinCAT via the ADS components available for Excel

Now available!